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About us

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Enibo – about us

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Enibo is the first official and unique Croatian brand .
Made from pure love towards the equestrian sport, Enibo stands out as a handmade brand that immediately draws looks and attention.
During the making of Enibo, we took care of the tiniest details and made Enibo perfect just for You!

Every Enibo saddle pad is made from top quality materials. Enibo was made to be durable , elegant , sophisticated and easy to wash. Every saddle pad is a compound of cotton lining and permanent top materials with different designs. The importance of cotton lining is enormous , it truly allows your horse’s skin to breathe fully during trainings , competitions or any other occasion.

Enibo saddle pads were anatomically adjusted and secured for every discipline of the equestrian sport. Perfect for the professional and everyday use.

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A revolution in the equestrian sport

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Enibo is special, original and new.
Enibo was made to help you be the best possible version of yourself.
The Enibo team is your biggest admirer!

Because with Enibo:

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You will always be a star!

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