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Protection of personal data

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Protection of the confidential data

Under no circumstances will we misuse your personal information.
We will not disclose your contact information or your personal information to any third party unless otherwise required by law.
We will not send you emails or notifications unless you have given your consent, except in the case of electronic transactions.
Whenever you wish, you can simply unsubscribe from receiving our emails or notifications.

Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement applies to the confidentiality of personal information collected in the purchase and / or registration process at www.enibo-official.com. This Privacy Statement is an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions of the www.enibo-official.com website.

DestrA d.o.o., as a service provider of the Website www.enibo-official.com, complies with the applicable regulations in order to protect the privacy of its Customers or Users, and in particular the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data of the EU.

Any Customer or User who has any questions regarding personal data can send an e-mail to enibo.official@gmail.com.

Acceptance of this Privacy Statement occurs when the Customer makes a purchase on the website www.enibo-official.com and confirms that he has read, understood and agrees to the processing of personal data as set out in this Statement.

By entering his personal data at the time of purchase and confirming (clicking) on ​​the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Statement, the customer enters into a contractual relationship which is the basis for purchasing products and services of the customer’s choice on the website www.enibo-official.com. contained in the General Terms and Conditions and therefore the processing of this personal data is legal because actions are taken at the request of the Customer in order to realize the purchase of products and services ordered by the Customer.

The customer who signs up to receive notifications about products and promotions by entering their data on the website www.enibo-official.com and confirming the correctness of the e-mail address, gives consent to the processing of their personal data. The User may withdraw the consent at any time by notifying the e-mail address enibo.official@gmail.com.

Card payment data protection

DestrA d.o.o. at the time of payment on the website www.enibo-official.com, as a condition of payment for products and services by credit or debit cards requires the consent of the Customer to activate the payment process through Corvus Info doo, provider of processing and payment (credit or debit) cards, contractual partner DestrA doo and the Executor of personal data processing. For this purpose, the personal data of the Customer (name and surname of the Customer, address of the Customer, data from the Customer’s card) are temporarily stored with Corvus Info d.o.o., which stores this data in accordance with PCI DSS certification, the highest level of protection and confidentiality. The customer activates the process of card processing and payment by confirming (clicking) on ​​the “pay” link.

DestrA d.o.o. at no time does it dispose of, collect or process personal data entered for the purpose of processing and charging cards. Customers are instructed to be informed about the processing of personal data by Corvus Info d.o.o. on the website where the payment process takes place. Personal data stored with Corvus Info d.o.o. they are deleted immediately after the card processing and billing process is complete except for the Buy option.

DestrA d.o.o. informs the Buyer regarding the above consent to “Buy” Corvus Info d.o.o. does not store the security code (CVV) from the (debit, credit) card of the Customer. CVV is a three-digit or four-digit number that the Customer enters separately during the card payment process. This number will continue to be entered by the Buyer as an additional security check. DestrA d.o.o. therefore warns the Buyer to take care of the data stated on the card so that this data would not be available to third parties and so as not to be misused.

Modification of the Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement, DestrA d.o.o. may change it at any time by posting the amended text of the Privacy Statement on the Website www.enibo-official.com. Therefore DestrA d.o.o. invites Customers to periodically review this Privacy Statement which will indicate new changes, if any. If Customer does not agree with this Privacy Statement, we instruct Customer to leave and not access or use the Website www.enibo-official.com. The amendment to the privacy statement takes effect immediately upon publication on the Website www.enibo-official.com. The continued use of the Website www.enibo-official.com by the Customer after the entry into force of the changes, implies that the Customer confirms and accepts the amended Privacy Statement.